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“Vivre ma meilleure” aka “Living my best”

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Who are we?

Who said living your best life had to mean saying no to fun? And who said balance is boring? We’re for anyone who likes to break the rules and make their own. For anyone who rolls their eyes at the all-or-nothing vibe that surrounds healthy living. Because life isn’t all-or-nothing, it’s confusing, messy, and real and we’re here for all of it.

Think of us like the chick you met in the bathroom who became your best friend. Or that one go-to in your group you always ask for advice on everything from sexuality to soundbaths. We’re here to guide, inspire, and ask questions in a judgement-free zone. We’re a contemporary lifestyle handbook here to give the low-down on the down-low.

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Who are you?

So you spend Monday to Friday doing pilates and drinking green juice, but your weekends are spent over cocktails on the dance-floor. You go babe! You want to make smart, conscious choices without compromising, and why should you have too? We’re not here to judge you, on what living your best life looks like. We’re here to add that little je ne sais quois to how you do it.