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5 exercises to trim down your love handles

5 exercises to tighten your LOVE handles

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Love handles always seem to be a pesky area of concern for many women. Whilst a healthy and balanced diet will assist with slimming down your love handles in a fitness world we can’t simply target fat loss from one particular area, love handles included however we can alter out movements to ensure our waistline’s are being included. Here are 5 exercises that will help you trim fat whilst toning your waistline according to founder of ZADI Adala Bolto: 

Lunge With Medicine Ball Twist

Starting with feet together, move one leg backwards in a lunge motion, bending your knee to the floor while instantaneously engaging your core and twisting the medicine ball across your body, push back into your heel to come back up.

Ich Worm Walk Out

Like an inchworm, take it one end at a time. Starting in a standing upright position slowly bending over from your hips before allowing your hands to meet the ground. Walk your hands out into a plank like position and then back towards your feet before again slowly arching from your hips and coming back up to an upright position.  

Weighted Woodchop

Begin with your feet shoulder width apart and ever slightly turned out. While holding the dumbbell with both hands on the  outside of your thigh, lift your chosen weight across your body whilst twisting to the side. As you are twisting remember to rise on your toes.

Reverse Burpee

Begin laying on your back and swiftly roll backwards into a crunch pose (or slightly tucked in) land on feet, then exploding back to your feet and simultaneously jumping into the air to complete your burpee, remember to land gently and with control.

High Plank To Alternating Superman

Begin in a plank position, elbows under shoulders whilst maintaining good posture. Perform alternating superman by raising and point opposite arm and leg off the floor. Repeat until fatigue, if you need to regress this you can drop down to your knees.

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