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5 habits the experts are taking into this year

5 HABITS the experts are taking into this year

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The new year is always a great time to reflect on the year that was, and then while you are having a break to decompress, come up with a plan to make your next year even better. However rather than setting resolutions, of which an estimated 19% of people keep, we thought we would ask the experts for the top habits they are wanting to take with them into 2022.

Here’s what they said

Ben Lucas, Director of Flow Athletic

The habit I am taking into the new year is running 5km everyday. I am up to 100 days in a row now. I have found this to be incredible for my mental health during this challenging time. I only need to find 30 minutes a day, but those 30 minutes make a huge difference to my mindset.

Kylianne Farrell-  ecotherapist, PT, mental health first aid instructor & Red Paddle Co expert.

Being a mum who wants my kids to appreciate nature as much as I do, I will be getting out in nature and spending time on the water as much as possible in 2022. One of my favourite past times is bringing my inflatable paddle board with me on hikes and finding hidden waterways to explore. It allows me an opportunity to have time to think and reflect while also getting away from my screen and out of the house. There is nothing more refreshing in my opinion.

Cameron Falloon, Founder and Joint CEO of BFT

My habit for 2022 is consistency with the basics which is an idea that came about due to a recent appendix and hernia surgery which was followed by needing to get cortisone injections in my spine. Why did these surgeries come about? Because I wasn’t looking after me.

It is easy to get caught up in work and putting the kids first, but neglecting your own health and wellbeing will often lead to a burn out or injury and therefore after my surgery this year, consistency with the basics in regards to looking after ME is going to be a habit that I am going to work on. My focus will be to do something positive for both my mind and my body every day. Not having time to even go for a 30 minute walk is not great so this year, I will make it a priority

Jon Gregory, founder of Vitruvian

My habit for 2022 is to switch off and get time to think.

We launched Vitruvian during lockdown in 2020 and we've been global since day one. So I've been working long days and odd hours to make it all happen.  I think it's really important to have time in the day where you're switched off with time for yourself to think.  The habit that I started and will continue to do in 2022 is waking up before dawn and the rest of the city and going for a long walk. It's dead quiet and thoughts tend to organise themselves in my mind and I feel ready for the day ahead. It also means when I walk back into the house the family is starting to rise and I can spend quality time with them before heading off to work. A long predawn walk might be a little unconventional but it's what works for me and I think that's the important thing. Finding something that works for you.  

By Jen Dugard - Fitness Specialist & Founder of MumSafe

The top habit that I will be taking with me into 2022 is one that I have been working on and refining for a number of years and that is ‘to question everything that I commit to doing and making sure that it aligns with what I am trying to achieve and how I want to feel on a daily basis’.  I think too often we fall into doing things that we think we should be doing or keep doing things that no longer serve us ‘just because’.  Also, as a mum, I have very limited time available so making sure I am focussed is super important.