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5 hacks for better sleep

5 HACKS for better sleep

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So im sure everyone can relate to this - it's the end of a long week, and you want nothing more than to crash on your bed and call it a day. However, you sit in front of the glowing screens of your laptop or television and rewatch the first season of your favourite TV show. Or you grab your favourite book and read a few chapters. Or you scroll through your favourite social media app, checking what your friends are doing. Or you do none of the above and have been struggling to sleep .. right?!?!

We spoke to various experts, and here are 5 simple but effective hacks to help.

  1. Lights Out

Even the smallest entry of light can disturb our sleep cycles. Invest in some blackout blinds to help create the perfect sleeping environment for a restful nights sleep.

  1. Change your bedding

Don't under estimate the importance of adjusting your bedding according to the seasons to avoid disrupting your sleep by becoming to hot ot too cold.

  1. Aromatherapy

To feel the full benefit of the wonder that is aromatherapy, invest in a good aroma diffuser. Essential lavender oils can help to relax the mind and encourage a more restful nights sleep.

4, Purify the air

Air purifiers can remove dust, pollen and most importantly bacteria from your room. Many come with silent mode - meaning you cant hear a whisper.

5 - Keep Cool

Use a cooling fan to keep your body temperature down, whilst providing a calming white noise like sound for a better sleep.