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5 reasons to use a face oil this spring/summer

5 REASONS to use a face OIL this spring/summer

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As we all know, our skin especially can change from winter to spring as the weather warms up. It acts out plays up, does all of the cheeky things it shouldn't. So now more than after as we move  away from cool wintery dryness and come into a much more sun exposed and outdoor season, we absolutely need to adjust our skincare routine accordingly to ensure our skin has a smooth transition into these new climates.  Here are 5 reasons to use a face oil this spring/summer according to Senior Dermal Skin therapist Christie Cameron from  SSKIN Clinic and expert for  RosehipPLUS

Prevents Dehydration

During summer we spend more time outdoors in the sun and swimming which can lead to further dehydration of the skin. It’s more likely for your skin to dehydrate through the hotter months so oil is perfect to focus on rehydrating and supporting your skin. Because oils are lipophilic, they can penetrate deep into the skin, trapping water and other moisturising goodness in.


Prevents free radical damage

Free radicals cause damage to the cells through oxidative stress, increasing the ageing process and impairing healthy skin cell function.  Free radicals are caused by UV rays from the sun. Antioxidants found in facial oils neutralise free radicals so think of antioxidants as your own personal skin cell security guard keeping your skin nice and healthy.


Soothes irritated skin

Irritated skin is never fun, whether it’s due to eczema, the wrong skin care product, the environment or hay fever especially during summer. In steps facial oils! Facial oils have anti-inflammatory effects that work really well to calm down inflamed and irritated skin.


Can help reduce uneven skin tone.

In summer we spend so much more time outdoors leaving our skin cells open to UV damage and pigmentation production. If you’re looking to even out skin tone and texture or want to reduce the appearance of dark spots, adding an oil is the perfect way to help! Facial Oils, such as RosehipPLUS Organic Rosehip Oil are loaded with fatty acids, omegas, vitamins, and nutrients that work together to stimulate collagen and encourage cell turnover, in doing this it helps to reduce the appearance of pigmentation and smooth out the texture of your skin.


Facial oil can help soothe sunburn

So hopefully it never gets to this point, but a sunburn is caused by damage to the skin’s surface from harmful UV rays. This leads to irritations, burning, dryness, and of course, itching and peeling. All of these symptoms can be treated with face oil as the oil will nourish, re-hydrate and reduce inflammation in the skin. This will help to relieve things like itching and peeling.

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