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A beginners guide to Ben Wa balls

A beginners guide to Ben Wa BALLS

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In a world of innovative, waterproof, multi-user, bendable, sexy toy joy, it’s surprisingly satisfying to go simple. Three words babes - Ben Wa Balls, two more: Mind. Blowing. Less is definitely more with these spherical beauties, and if you don’t know, do yourself a favour and get to know. 

What are they?

Ben Wa balls, also known as orgasm or geisha balls are small marble sized (usually hollow) balls containing a small weight that are inserted into the vagina for sexual stimulation. Thanks to the friction and light weight hitting the anterior vaginal wall these can feel NEXT level. Think of it like low-key pumping iron in your privates, but make it hot. 

Traditionally they don’t have a ribbon, but for the convenience queens there’s an easy pull-out option. Look out for variations made of non-porous material such as silicon, glass or jade if you’re feeling boujee. If we had to choose a favourite, the stainless steel versions are where it’s at. Hello temperature play. 

How do I wear them?

Ideally they should be inserted so they sit just above the pelvic muscle and as far as you feel comfortable with. Choose your own adventure when it comes to the weight as well. Our advice? Start light, build up. Oh and lube, always. 

Now for the fun part. You know that song “I Love Rock n Roll”. Blast it. Insert Ben-wa balls, channel your inner Joan Jett and rock and roll away. The more movement the better. I’m talking popping and locking, slut dropping, even a cruisey foot tap works. So, million dollar question, can you climax? They were essentially designed for a more subtle stimulation, but it depends how hard you’re rocking, baby.

We recommend starting at 20 minutes, and building your way up slowly over time to as long as 6 hours. Once you’ve had enough of the good stuff, wash them with fragrance-free soap and warm water to keep them cute for your next solo rock show. Oh and if you’re thinking of starting a party in the back STOP RIGHT NOW. Most variations don’t have the correct flare to remove from anal play, and the party could go from hot to hospital real quick. 


What do they do for you? 

They’re excellent for vaginal elasticity, strengthening pelvic floor muscles and spicing up literally anything from a grocery run to an actual run (10/10, trust us). They’re perfect for partner or solo play, and you’re basically doing one long mega kegel whilst wearing them. They’re kind of like a little secret between you and your inner sex queen. A wink and a nod to your bad bitch self. Go forth and discover the beauty of the Ben Wa, and check out some of our faves below. 

Article Written by Ianthe Jacob

Article image credit @pinterest