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Hacks for a healthier morning routine

Hacks for a healthier MORNING routine

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Whether you’re a “hit snooze and enjoy 5 more minutes of sleep bliss” or “scroll through Instagram with your eyes barely open” type of person—getting up and out of bed after cosy-ass bed zone, can be a mission. But once your up and at em’ - your next steps can really determine the tone of your day. Creating a healthy morning routine is essential to having the most bad-ass or zen day - it starts with routine and mind set.

Here are our hacks for a healthy morning routine:

 Do your best to get out of bed the first time your alarm goes off. Waking up early to give yourself enough time to complete your morning routine is key.

• Avoid looking at your phone for the first 20-30 minutes after waking up. Then give yourself a time limit on how long you can scroll before starting your workday.

• Make your ultimate morning bev—coffee, tea, or our pick, our matcha latte recipe. If it’s nice out, sit outside and enjoy your morning.

• Physically write down everything you want to complete that morning in a place where you won’t forget. Manifest your day ahead by writing it down. Seeing it visually is a real winner.


• Squeeze in a quick at-home workout if you cant make it to the gym. Move your body for a min of 30 mins releases the best intention for your day. Awakens the spirit and gets your endorphins flowing.


• Listen to a feel-good playlist to increase your vibrations and set the tone for a positive mood. We recommend making a ‘morning vibes’ playlist - must include ABBA’s dancing queen. We recommend listening whilst you're doing your morning skincare glow up routine.


• Once it’s time to start work, knock out your most important task first. Which is usually the one you're dreading the most. Get it done gurl.

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