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How to improve your posture with these easy yoga stretches

How to IMPROVE your posture with these easy yoga stretches

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While some cities are finally returning to a post-lockdown life or lets hope lockdowns are a thing of the past, our bodies might be struggling to snap back into reality of leaving the house! With many people forced to work from home, without the comfort of an office or furniture, their postures have been left poor and lazy. We relate to this! Trying to improve your posture might seem like a tedious task however founder of Flow Athletic Ben Lucas, shares 5 easy yoga stretches that can improve your posture and help you get bendy and fluid baby: 

Cow Face Arms 

This stretch, also known as Gomukhasana is one of the easier stretches that can be done sitting, standing and pretty much wherever you are. To practice cow face arms, lift your right arm upwards while bending your elbow and fingers down towards your back. Wrap your left arm behind toward your back and let your left fingers reach up towards your right ones. Allow your fingers to grab each other extending your back and lifting your chest. Hold for a few breaths and switch sides. 

Camel Pose

A perfect stretch to help your posture, camel pose also known as Ustrasana opens your chest and shoulders through its deep back bend. To practice camel pose, hope onto your shins with your body upright. Bend your back towards your legs and have your palms falling onto your calves. Keep your hips forward and thighs activated, chest wide and breathe for a few rounds. 

Childs Pose 

A well known position, childs pose or Balasana is a great movement to stretch and extend your back and shoulders in a comfortable manner. Start by kneeling on the floor with your knees hip width apart and your toes together. Lower your torso between your knees and extend your arms forward trying to reach as far as you can in front of you with your palms facing down. Stay in this position for a few breaths. 

Cobra Pose

This movement, also known as Bhujangasana is a great one for strengthening your upper shoulders and back. Laying on your stomach, place your hands under your shoulders and lift your chest, head and neck off the floor with your hands finger spread apart. Tuck your elbows tightly into the side of your body and slightly tuck in your chin. Hold for a few breathes and release. You could even try pressing back into child’s pose following this movement for an extended sequence. 

Downward Facing Dog

One of the most common stretches in Yoga, the downward dog, also known as Adho Mukha Svanasana is a powerful exercise for improving your posture. Start in a plank and press your hips backwards and upwards lifting your bottom towards the sky. With your heels hip width apart, lower your head and neck and look between your legs. Stay here for a few breaths ensuring you feel a comfortable stretch in the right places. 

Image credit @anna_kanyuk