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How to nail a long distance friendship

How to nail a LONG distance friendship

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A lot gets said about the challenges of a long distance romantic relationship, but the platonic LDR can be JUST as tricky to navigate. One minute you’re living your best lives side-by-side, and the next everything can change, and fast. The transition from seeing someone regularly to not very much at all can really, really suck. Reconfiguring your life around changes can feel hard, even if it’s for a really good reason like your BFF landed their dream job in another state, or moved to the other side of the world to drink pina coladas on the beach in an adorable little love bubble. Even though it can feel like a massive adjustment, there are little ways to soften this landing, and nail your friendship from afar. 

Avoid pass agg like the plague 

First and foremost, the inclusion of pressure anywhere on anyone is not cute. No matter how much you miss someone, being mindful of why they may have slipped into radio silencio is always a winner. Check in, but keep it light. Remember true friendship isn’t fragile, it’s flexible. 

Ditch the rambling voice notes 

Look, some (weird) people love receiving rambling 45 minute voice notes but most people find them annoying AF. Getting a one-sided barrage of information every couple of weeks that includes EVERY detail of your life can feel really overwhelming, and frankly a little boring. Keep updates short and sweet and save the deep chats for facetime. 

Dig deep

Whilst social media is an excellent way of staying in touch, it doesn’t always mean you’re really getting under the hood of what’s going on. Smashing some likes on a few pictures might make you feel like you’ve been in touch, but it just doesn’t compare to genuine connection. Make sure you’re talking about all the real sh*t too, as well as throwing out those flame emojis with gusto. 

Don’t leave it too long

There’s nothing more alienating than finding out about a close friend’s huge life update from social media or from other people. Life can get cray, but checking in on each other regularly means you won’t miss out on anything major. 

Share share share

Loving what you’re reading/watching/boogying to? Send it to them! See something that reminds you of them? Let them know! Whether you’re the one that’s moved or stayed in the same place, it literally sparks joy to know someone is thinking of you. Sprinkle that sh*t everywhere. 

Article Written by Ianthe Jacob

Article image credit @ellenvlora