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Lost your mojo?

Lost your MOJO? Here's some natural ways to get YOU back into getting it on ....

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Some weeks you feel like a lean mean sex machine, and others you just feel off it, like a deseeded chilli that just wants to rest. Thanks to porn and the minds of horny teenagers, it can feel like there’s massive pressure to walk around like sentient rampant rabbits, and it’s frankly fucking exhausting. Sometimes you just feel like chilling in the no-bone zone, and that’s a-okay.

My advice? Lean in, relax, whack some coconut oil on and spread out in bed like the gorgeous starfish you are, safe in the knowledge that it’s completely normal to not feel sexually charged 24/7. However, if you’re looking for a little bit more groove in the way you move, here are some natural ways to help you get back to getting it on. 


Sometimes referred to as Indian Ginseng, this bad boy has been clinically proven to improve the quantity and health of sperm count, as well as helping to reduce stress AKA the biggest bedroom buzzkill ever. It’s small, but it packs a potent punch so it should be viewed as a “take when needed” situation. 


Used for 3000 years in South America, Maca is one of the MVPs in the sexual improvement space for all genders. Interestingly, scientists have found that it actually impacts people’s psychology rather than their hormones. The result? Wild fantasies and an overactive imagination. Whilst the results are pretty sweet, the taste is unbelievably bitter, so it’s best used in small doses hidden in a smoothie. 


I mean… it’s referred to as the ancient sexual energy mushroom, need I say more? Yep, cordyceps is the fungus that can really help you feel yo’self again. It has a long history of being used as a sex tonic in China, and it’s shown to help support a healthy sex drive when taken over a couple of weeks. Petition to rename cordyceps “hornyceps” ASAP. 


As if we needed another reason to love Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM superstar ginseng is not just an excellent energy boost in general, but studies have shown it can really pump the gas on your libido. Oh, it’s also an adaptogen, meaning it’s totally safe to take everyday. In other words, before you know it you’ll be flooring it to sexytown. It’s traditionally chewed, but PLR loves it as a herbal tea. Enjoy!

Article image credit @ellenvlora

Article written by Ianthe Jacob