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The 4 vintage trends we love

The 4 vintage TRENDS we love

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Some trends deserve to stay in the past, so they can think long and hard about the cringe they’ve caused (I’m looking at you shoulder pads, although at least glass ceilings were smashed whilst cruising around like a terrifying triangle). 80’s zeitgeist aside, there is just something essentially very cool about certain retro styles. The kind of cool that means they never really go out of fashion, they’re just waiting in the wings, waiting for yet another chic encore. Check out our some favourites below. 

Printed Scarves

The patterns, the softness, the VERSATILITY. Yep, silk scarves are numero uno for a reason. Channel your inner 70’s babe, Goldie Hawn with a headscarf + hoops combo, Jackie O it with a laissez-faire don’t care necktie, or go hard and cosplay the Queen of All Cher with a risqué halter-top situation (just make sure you back your knot tying ability to avoid an exposure sitch, unless that’s what you had in mind in which case free the nip, honey). I told you, versatile.

Credit @fashionismyforte in Fendi

Tinted sunglasses

While massive round sunglasses have been swapped out for their cooler, angular cousins, one hallmark of the 70’s remains. Tinted lenses have gone from creepy uncle to chic AF, and you can choose your own adventure when it comes to shade. From orange to pink to lime green for the freaks, technicolour vision is here to stay. 

Credit @katherinelond in Vehla Eyewear

Retro Prints

Trends right now seem to have adopted a ‘more is more’ approach and my inner maximal exhibitionist is living for it. All rules are out the window, clashing colours, mismatched prints, this retro trend is the material embodiment of “you do you.”

Credit @badkidhq in Source Unknown Store

Old school sneakers

Forget fancy footwork, big chunky sneakers can add a vibe to any outfit. Pound the pavement in style, but remember there’s a thin line between killing it and high school gym teacher, so choose wisely.

Credit @clairerose in New Balance

Article Image credit @cameliafarhoodi in Rat and Boa

Article written by Ianthe Jacob