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The 5 strength training excercises to help you build a sculpted butt

The 5 strength training excercises to help you build a sculpted BUTT

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Behind every successful woman is the butt she got moving to get her there.


Think J Lo and Scarlett Johansson. When it comes to strength training building a sculpted booty has never been more attainable thanks to the new V-Form trainer by Vitruvian. Making the world a better place, one butt at a time this new tech is a fusion of hard core resistance training with posture perfecting personal training all in one.


Strength training is the gold standard when it comes to butt building. Consciously engaging the glutes and core, keeping a proud chest and wearing supportive training shoes   - do not think shoes will make a difference - I would prefer to say something around technique, training intensity & training volume 


 i.e : Consciously engaging the glutes, perfect technique and progressive overload throughout glute targeted strength training is essential for the best results.


Throughout butt targeted strength training is essential for the best results.


Here are our top 5 butt building exercises:


Loaded squats

Stand with your feet hip width apart, shoulders squeezed back and with the handle in each hand. Squeeze your glutes and squat down as low as your mobility allows, squeeze your glutes and straighten up. Spread your weight evenly through your foot.  Repeat.


Weighted Bent over Row

With a weight in each hand, bend your knees and hinge forward at the waist. Keep your knees bent and your back and neck straight. Lift the weights simultaneously towards the torso before lowering in a controlled fashion. Repeat.


RDL (Romanian Deadlift)

Stand tall and about shoulder with a part. Hold one handle with each hand, squeeze your glutes and hinge back from the hip. Keep you hands close to your shins and lower down to mid shin. Squeeze your glutes and drive back up to the standing position. Repeat.


Hip Thrust

Requires the bench & the belt or the bar.

Elevate your upper back (around your bra line) on the bench, place the bar on top of your hip, (place your heels on the edge of the V-Form) - ensuring your knees are stacked over your ankles and in a 90 degree angle when the hip is in the top position. Drive your ribs down and tilt your pelvis up. Squeeze your glutes and drive the hip up against the bar / belt

At the top, squeeze your glutes even more and slowly drive the rips down until you are back in the bottom position. Repeat.


Weighted lunges

Standing tall with feet hip width apart and a weight in each hand, step one foot backwards (off th V-Form) and lower yourself down until your front leg archives a 90 degree bent and the quad is parallel to the floor.  Engage though the glutes to stand back up straight and repeat for the other side. 

When it comes to weight training, applying force and a slower tempo in the eccentric (downward) phase of an exercise means you work twice as hard and can get your workout done in half the time. Unsurprisingly, this is the preferred way athletes (and many non-athletes) like to train.

 V-Form trainer by Vitruvian is a new Australian fitness innovation which allows you to train eccentrically without a spotter. Generally to train eccentrically you need someone to hand you the weights, so you don’t exhaust yourself lifting them. When it comes to the V-Form trainer however can do this automatically with their sophisticated algorithms and revolutionary intelligent resistance technology, near eliminating the risk of injury.

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Written by Head trainer of Vitruvian, Wiebke Hensen