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The High Waisted jeans you need to know about

The high waisted jeans YOU need to know about

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Word on the street isis making a comeback, but here at Pour Les Rebelles we think that the sometimes unforgiving style, can't hold a candle to the best high-waist jeans we own. Women around the world have a powerful opinion on low-cut pants of the early 90’s, but waist-hugging styles of the ’80s and ’90s have emerged as a universally loved we refuse to let go of.


Throwing on a cosy pair of jeans feels like a treat, in these, so consider yourself  an absolute revolutionary, by bringing back the high waist style amid this crazy AF pandemic. Girl we are proud of you for getting out of those sweats. 

 They've officially lost their rep of being “mom”-adjacent and are loved universally by effortlessly chic women for their everlasting diversity —including everyone from Sarah Jessica Parker to Emrata. They have a sense of nostalgia - think Jen Aniston in the 90’s with a killer belt and simple white tank, but in now way outdated— and just like any, everyone swears by that one style that makes them feel like amazing.

The ’90s are always creeping into our favourite street-style looks and considering the variety of options we all swear by (think mum, super skinny, and flared styles),  we rounded up our recommendations for the 7 best - not to mention affordable - high-waist jeans to shop now.


Agolde @ Revolve

Mother @ Revolve

Slvrlake Denim @ Fwrd

Eiffel Jean by Jeanerica

Lou Jean by Nobody Denim

Redone @ Revolve

Core Jeans by Style Addict

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