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Travelling this holidays? Jet lag tips

Travelling this holidays? JET LAG tips

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Travelling these holidays? Jet Lag got you shook? Here are our hacks to help avoid it …

Unfortunately, an easy no jet lag fix just doesn’t exist, you will always feel a little bit of jet lag, but fortunately there are a few tricks with which you can reduce the symptoms. Here are our 5 hacks to help you this holiday season:


Prepare yourself mentally for your flight and holiday. Make sure you have packed all your supplies well in advance  and have your travel documents ready. This will ensure something akin to zen in your head. A few days before your flight, it is good to get enough sleep, so you are fully rested before your departure. We’re talking 10 hours. The more rest the better.

Change your Sleep pattern

You can also try to get into the groove of your destination. The days before your flight, try to go to bed about 60-90 minutes earlier (going east) or later (going west). This will help to adapt more easily to the time difference of your destination.

Avoid cafe on your flight

As hard as it is - especially on those 10 hour plus flights where you crave a coffee, try to avoid having coffee a few hours before your flight and on the plane before you plan on sleeping. A must do is drinking plenty of water, this helps to stay fresh and hydrated in the plane! Don’t try to eat too much during you’re flight. Fruit and healthy snacks if you HAVE to.  Your body has to work hard to process the food which can make you restless.

Move your body baby

Try not to sit on your peach during the entire flight. This is bad for your blood circulation and can lead to swelling in your ankles aka cancles.  Walk around or do some exercises in your chair, go to the bathroom (because babe -  you drank too much water anyway).


I always bring a small pocket bag in my hand luggage with: an inflatable pillow, headphones, eye cap, lymphatic drainage socks and very important: melatonin (see below). These things ensure i go to sleep way easier and get more rest in the plane and fee fresher when arriving. 


Melatonin is often referred to as “The Sleep Hormone”. Melatonin tells your brain that its nightime and it’s time to sleep and this natural hormone is produced and released by the pineal gland. Before I want to go to sleep in the plane and even the first days on my arrival (home or holiday); I take one tablet. Please check the dosage on the package! 

When you land - go explore

Ok biggest fail is to jump straight into  bed as soon as you arrive in your hotel. Go out and explore; you are on holiday babe!!! Ok now is time for a caffiene hit - get that oat cappuccino and walk around a little. This will give you energy and you forget that you are tired of your flight and jet lag. Of course don’t plan too much, don’t exhaust yourself. Accept it and you will overcome the jet lag faster.

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