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Try these 5 ways to treat dandruff

Try these 5 ways to treat DANDRUFF

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I’m sure we can all agree there is nothing worse than having your hair freshly washed and styled and still not being able to get rid of those bloody annoying dandruff flakes. For some people dandruff can be seasonal and for some it can be hormonal. If you struggle with constant dandruff here are 5 ways to try treating it: 

Find the right products 

Typically, using the right hair products will go a long way in the condition of your dandruff. Ensuring you are using shampoo’s that tackle the scalp might assist with regulating your dandruff and over time even reduce the amount there is. Using a product such as Neutriderm anti-dandruff shampoo, will help eliminate the dandruff through its anti-fungal properties, reducing the rate of bacteria growth on your scalp. This shampoo will gently cleanse the excess sebum and dandruff on your scalp leaving your hair feeling clean and fresh.  

Increase your Omega 3

Whilst you may think dandruff can only be treated through products, what we put in our bodies actually can make more of an impact than we think. Omega 3 fatty acids for example plays a significant role in the entire body. Typically known to promote skin health, Omega 3 fatty acids can help manage oil production and reduce inflammation which ultimately may help any irritation associated with dandruff. 


As always, what we put into our bodies can help us overcome and tackle any skin conditions we may be facing. Similarly with dandruff, ensuring you are eating the right types of foods might determine the condition of whether your dandruff is heavier or lighter. Foods rich in probiotics can help enhance our immune function which might assist the body to fight off the fungal infections that are causing the dandruff on your scalp.  

Stress less

As we already know, stress can cause a variety of issues within our bodies and we are often told to limit the amount of stress we have in our lives. Whilst stress in itself will not cause dandruff, its associated symptoms might aggravate our skin and scalp such as dryness and itchiness. In addition, a stressed immunity can reduce our bodies natural ability and energy to fight off any skin infections that can contribute to dandruff. 

Stay hydrated 

Whilst ensuring we are drinking enough water for our general health and wellbeing, an unexpected benefit of drinking water is its ability to help reduce and in some cases prevent dandruff. As we know our skin is the largest organ in the body, drinking more water can help combat dry skin and potential conditions such as dandruff through its hydrating properties.