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Unhappy with your job? Read this

Unhappy with your JOB? Read this

Read this ...

Who hasn’t imagined sending a “f*ck this I quit” email to their boss, selling their belongings and skipping off to get day-drunk on a beach? Or, just to scale back that slightly unsustainable plan, just wanted a job where they feel valued and actually like? A lot of people have, for good reason. The year is 2022, and there’s been a rise in the importance placed on employee satisfaction in the workplace, and frankly HALLELUJAH, because the boomer mentality of grinding on and being grateful for the employment is frankly toxic. If you’re on the “should I/shouldn’t I” ledge, consider these 3 questions before launch. 

  1. You wake up staring down the barrel of another day in your job, how do you feel?

No one wakes up every single day pumped to smash goals and kill it, despite what the pass-agg hashtag #girlboss will tell you. There are days when you frankly just can’t be f*cked, or projects that you are just willing to be fully done and dusted, and that’s totally normal. A good test for when it crosses over into not totally normal territory is if you can’t remember the last time you woke up genuinely excited to just get up and do your job. If you wake up feeling apathetic, demotivated, with a dull sense of dread or just flat-out full-blown livid, it might be time to reassess. 

  1. Do your direct seniors have the life you want?

If you want to know where your current role is heading, look one, two, three places above you and really drill down on what their day-to-day looks like. Do they seem happy? Are they working on things you would want to work on? There’s no such thing as a time machine, but org charts exist and stalking it is basically the same thing. 

  1. Do you dread work events and find office chat hellish?

Unless you’ve been lucky enough to fall in deep platonic love with someone at work (shout out all the work wives for knowing EVERY detail of your life ever), it’s likely that there’s a certain amount of having to get amongst it with your colleagues when you absolutely do not feel like it. Look, no one LOVES a zoom quiz, or always-slightly-too-long drinks on a Friday when you’d rather be literally anywhere else. However, if feeling like an awkward dweeb when everyone else is vibing is a constant feeling, you might be in the wrong place. Being the odd one out is never fun, and it’s usually rooted in a misalignment of values. You are the air that you breathe, and if you’re really not enjoying yourself, that could be a sign it’s time to go. 

If any of the above hit you on an emotional, personal or spiritual level, here’s some tips on handling the next step. 

Quit with grace

Resigning always feels a little dicey, regardless of how much you want to do it and yes, it’s tempting to fire off a furious email after everything they’ve put you through. However you feel, sleep on it, and take some respite to think about the times you’ve really kicked off and don’t regret it. There’s probably not that many… Keeping your cool is a superpower, and taking the highroad leaves you feeling smug AF, even if they don’t deserve it. 

Make sure you’re smart in your exit strategy

Yes, it’s also tempting to quit your job the moment you decide you need to, dance in the rain, smash a window and live your best goddamn life, and you deserve that, you really do, but you’ve got to be smart. Quitting without a strategy or next job lined up only really doesn’t feel scary if it’s logistically and financially viable. Be honest with yourself about your situation and go from there.  

Take some time out if possible

On that note, if you can take a bit of time between roles, then do, particularly if you’ve had a shitty time at your previous company. Everyone needs time to decompress, and you want to start your next chapter fresh, free of resentment and ready to roll. 

Visualise what you’re ideal role would look like

You deserve the créme de la créme in this life, so start imagining what that looks like to you, and get granular. What do you want to feel everyday? What impact would you like to have? Who do you want to be surrounded by? What are your key values? A visualisation meditation can be really helpful here, or a “next 5 years” board if that’s your jam. The next chapter is all down to you, and it’s time to manifest the best baby. 

Article Written by Ianthe Jacob

Article Image credit @nitsanraiter