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Why we should apply rosehip oil BEFORE we shower.

Why we should apply rosehip oil BEFORE we shower.

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Typically, we love to lather our skin post shower with lotions and moisturisers however have you ever heard of moisturising your skin before you shower? Sounds funny but it may just be your trick to even more hydrated skin than you thought was possible.

When we shower, naturally the water can dehydrate our skins through stripping the skins of its natural oils it has produced over the night or day. If we were to moisturise our skin after we shower, of course our skin would drink any product right away as it feels dehydrated from the water. 

Of course there are steps we can take to prevent our skin from dehydrating as a result of our showers such as:

Water Temperature

Ensuring the water in your shower or bath is warm, not hot will be a large factor in how your skin reacts as a result. The hotter your shower or bath, the harsher effect it will have on your skin, typically drying it out quicker.

Length of shower 

The amount of time we spend in the shower or bath will also effect how our skin reacts. Between 5-8 minutes is the perfect shower time which allows you to both cleanse and keep your skin hydrated. The longer you keep your skin under water for, the drier your skin will most likely become as a result.

Oil before you shower 

Senior Dermal Skin therapist Christie Cameron from  SSKIN Clinic and expert for  RosehipPLUS suggests by applying RosehipPLUS oil to your skin before a shower, you essentially create a protective barrier between your skin and the water. As we know, shower water can dehydrate the skin by stripping the skin of its natural oils leaving us flakey and dry. 

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